Comprehensive Services for Residential and Small Business Customers

EJJ has a wealth of retained expertise within the company and a vast amount of years invested in the industry, which is greatly enhanced by the partner network we have cultivated. We will never proclaim that we have all the answers, but we continue to strive for that goal, assisted by the continual expansion of our specialists’ partner network

Our Services

Data Backup & Recovery

Data is one of the most valuable assets a business has. As companies amass increasing volumes of data and store them across the enterprise from on-premises data centers to hybrid cloud architectures - keeping that information protected and consistently available is more critical than ever.

Threats to that data are on the rise. Phishing, ransomware, and other malicious attacks can wreak havoc on your ability to operate and result in financially devastating data loss.

Attacks aren’t the only threat to data. Simple user error can cause critical data loss. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, or fires can also disrupt power and damage data. Every business needs a solid data backup and system recovery solution that can help it survive or even thrive in the face of unexpected events.

Managed IT Services

We offer managed IT support services to help free up your time. Imagine how many tasks you can finish when you no longer have to deal with office IT issues. Think of how productive your staff would be if you have stable Internet and network connection in the workplace round-the-clock.

Our team is here to make those visions into a reality.Experience the complete peace of mind that comes with knowing your information technology systems are being monitored and maintained by the best in the business.

No matter the task, we are there, keeping things fully operational. Regardless of whether it’s making sure your emails are delivered, keeping your systems secure and up-to-date, or bringing you the latest in softphone communication, we provide proactive network monitoring along with hardware recommendations and implementation.


EJJ Solutions places excellent priority on security. Our dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable team makes sure that your business puts security first without interfering with your daily workflow.

Our Cybersecurity service is based on the best practices designed for your business. Our unique approach protects your business fully, including your local and cloud data.

With security measures in place and operating seamlessly, you are freed up to concentrate on the growth and improvement of your business.

Hosting & Cloud

Cloud computing services offer a big promise. Instant access, unlimited connectivity, the ability to pay as you grow, and the illusion of simplicity. Until you realize it isn’t anymore.

Choosing CPU, memory, disk storage, up and down bandwidth, and the cloud provider can be difficult for the uninitiated. At EJJ Solutions, we have designed many cloud solutions, so our experience can help.

An unmanaged cloud can lead to unexpected and unwelcome surprises. We’re fond of saying that an unmanaged cloud leads to a rainy day. Your cloud is a virtual data center and we manage it with the same care as we give to all of your systems.

Hardware & Software Upgrades

We look beyond the initial purchase to support and integration requirements. We’ll make sure your new equipment integrates with the old and fits into your business workflows and existing applications.

EJJ Solutions is a registered reseller and partners with the top three USA technology distributers to provide the very best technology offerings available. These distributor relationships grant EJJ access to all of the trusted manufacturers for product and technical resources.

This is valuable for providing an insight into product development and identifying technologies that will enhance productivity.

Unified Communications and VOIP

VoIP gives you the wonderful ability to integrate your telephone communication. It also creates a high degree of convenience and often comes with significant cost reductions.

Imagine how improved collaboration, increased productivity, and true business continuity can improve your business with our unified communications systems.

Responsive IT Support

We offer IT solutions in that monitor office computers, networks, and systems round-the-clock.

We respond quickly when devices in your network experience an issue. More importantly, we keep your IT system running efficiently 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our Rates

Remote Support
$ 70
  • Per Hour

In-Home Or

Business Support
$ 100
  • Per Hour

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